Applications for Multianode PMTs & APD Arrays
The following list provides links to technical papers, application notes, magazine articles, and datasheets on subjects relating to the use and operation of multianode photomultiplier tubes and avalanche photodiode arrays.

Photomultiplier Tube Readout
A description of the different types of PMT signals and how they are best readout.

Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Readout
A description of the different types of silicon photomultiplier signals and how they are best readout.

Aerosol & Bioaerosol Fluorescence Detection
Technical papers and magazine articles describing techniques for detecting and measuring airborne bioaerosol particles. Utilization of fluorescence detection with multiple UV wavelengths is used to deflect, sort, and detect simulants of biological warfare agents.

Confocal Microscopy
Several papers on confocal detection microscopy and confocal spectral imaging systems are presented. The papers describe confocal fluorescence microscopy techniques using the Hamamatsu H7260 32 channel multianode photomultiplier tube.

Flow Cytometry
Several articles describing the use of photomultiplier tubes for multispectral cytometry.

Laser Ranging & Detection (LIDAR)
The use of 32 channel multianode photomultiplier tubes in LIDAR systems is described in a paper on biological sensing and another on atmospheric aerosols and clouds.

Particle Physics
Links to several papers describing the use of multianode photomultiplier tubes (MAPMT) in combination with scintillators to detect subatomic particles including gamma and neutron particles.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
Several links are provided to papers describing PET systems that use multianode PMTs with scintillation fibers and crystals.

Multi-Angle Light Scattering
A multi-angle light scattering measurement system for use on an aircraft is described as well as two systems for bioaerosol particle sizing.

Multianode Photomultiplier Tube Fundamentals
A collection of magazine article and papers describing the operation of PMTs, applications, and the advantages and disadvantages versus other types of light sensors.

Photomultiplier Tube, SiPM, MPPC, & Avalanche Photodiode Array Datasheets
This page provides links to manufacturers' datasheets for multianode photomultiplier tubes (MAPMTs), single anode photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), avalanche photodiode arrays (APD arrays), silicon photomultipliers (SPMs), and multi-pixel photon counters (MPPCs).