Over the last ten years, Vertilon’s PhotoniQ data acquisition systems have been used throughout the world by leading universities, government laboratories, and corporate R&D groups. Sold in various speed and channel configurations, our products have often been employed by our customers as the main data acquisition unit for their high speed optical experiments or as the electronics heart in more complex systems. Vertilon's products are found today in radiation detection systems, positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, bio-aerosol detection instruments, flow cytometers, particle counters for high energy physics, chemical sensors, and multi-angle light scattering equipment. Although Vertilon’s customers represent a variety of organizations encompassing a diverse set of applications, they generally use our products in very similar ways. Typically our customers select the sensors, design the optical front-end, and write the back-end software applications for their systems -- Vertilon’s products handle everything in between. This allows our customers to focus on their areas of expertise while capitalizing on our extensive experience in electronic data acquisition instrumentation.

The links below point to published papers describing experiments and equipment utilizing some of Vertilon’s
PhotoniQ products.

“Mapping Multidimensional Electronic Structure and Ultrafast Dynamics with Single-Element Detection and Compressive Sensing”
Austin P. Spencer, Boris Spokoyny, Supratim Ray, Fahad Sarvari, Elad Harel
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Pre-Press Release 23-Oct-2015 11:00MOPGF045
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