News & Highlights
January 12, 2015
Vertilon Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement
with AP Technologies

January 5, 2015
Vertilon Signs Tokyo Instruments as its
Distributor in Japan

New Products
SIB764: Interface Board for Hamamatsu 8x8 MPPC Array S13361-3050NS-08

SIB464: Sensor Interface Board for SensL ArrayC-60035-64P SiPM Array

SIB716: Interface Board for Hamamatsu 4x4 MPPC Array S13361-3050AS-04
PhotoniQ Data Acquisition Systems
High Performance Instruments for PMTs, APDs, and SiPMs
Vertilon’s PhotoniQ systems set the standard for data acquisition of signals from PMTs, avalanche photodiodes, and the latest generation of silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs). Used in applications such as confocal microscopy, PET, SPECT, particle physics, bioaerosol fluorescence detection, flow cytometry & radiation detection, the PhotoniQ performs all of the required signal processing functions between the sensors and host PC in an off-the-shelf, easy to use, laboratory instrument.
Vertilon offers a wide variety of data acquisition systems to fit the needs of virtually any application requiring data collection from multiple optical sensors. Our systems range from economical two channel DAQs that are field expandable to up to eight channels, to 64 channel units for use with some of the latest multi-element devices. We also have a large selection of sensor interface boards for multianode PMTs, silicon photomultipliers and avalanche photodiode arrays. Together with our PhotoniQ systems, these products provide the quickest and most reliable means for high performance data acquisition in systems utilizing multiple optical sensors.
PhotoniQ PMT, APD, & SiPM Data Acquisition Systems